Why oh why is the f**** XL so f**** quiet?!

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I use headphones all the time and I can hear it fine just like the DSi XL. Not those modern headphones, they sound very low. I use the ones I bought years ago and they still work fine.
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"Why oh why is the f**** XL so f***** quiet?!"

Very cheap parts.

He'll be trollin' round the mountain when he trolls....

Except he's not trolling. it's quieter because of the hardware. nice try though..

Allow me to introduce you to LOLGeassmaster. He'll say the most negative thing possible to try to get reactions from people. He's a less subtle Senor.

And saying, "Very cheap parts" is different than saying, "They had to use different parts due to the system being a different thickness and shape."

people still dont know who geass is? biggest troll around, and thats saying something ROFL
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