Kid Icarus is Nintendo's most versatile franchise, in theory

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Well Endgame plays all the games he hates and frankly knows quite a lot about them. KKK members don't know every detail of the black history or about blacks in general enough to warrant their hate. Endgame's hate is warranted in that he has learned the love it before he started to hate it with all his might.
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Mario + Platformer = Defined original genre
Mario + X Sport = Not exactly the most sensible outside of golf, but apparently due to golf and use of referee in others he took over for it.
Mario + Kart Racer = ??? There was nothing to define what that was, So I can't say. Either way Mario + Car works just like Mario + Sub & Plane did in SML.
Mario + RPG = Actually didn't make much sense considering Mario's limited speech and lack of deep story.
Mario + Party Game = Works he was a mascot for Nintendo, Mascot + Party Game = Sales.
Mario + Puzzle Game = What ever, puzzle games work with anything. Just look at Puzzle Quest, yah Sony could make God of War puzzle and it would still work.
Mario + Fighter = Seems to make sense, he just needs to smash you with a hammer and throw turtle shells at you.
Mario + Shooter = So why is he riding Yoshi and using a Super Scope? One would have expected the Fire Flower to be his shooting weapon of choice.
Mario + Brawler = Hasn't happened per-say, Sub-space emissary does say a more tradition one would work thought.

Kid Icarus + Platformer = Part of the original set up
Kid Icarus + Shooter = Another component of the original game
Kid Icarus + RPG = The final component of the original
Kid Icarus + On Rails = Migration of Shooters to 3D becomes Star Fox like
Kid Icarus + Action Game = If you switch to Action from platforming it tailors better with 3D shooter
Kid Icarus + Action/Adventure Metroidvania = Not done but considering the state of the original KI being half Metroid, half Mario it's do able.
Kid Icarus + Action/Adventure Zelda/RPG = Do able as KI automatically supported RPG and Action.
Kid Icarus + Sports = What you talkin' about Willis?
Kid Icarus + Kart Racer = Uhm... why would there be karts in KI?
Kid Icarus + Fighter = Yah well, thing is something like Custom Robo would have made more sense for KI then Street Fight, but its Smash Bros.
Kid Icarus + Puzzle = See Mario + Puzzle
Kid Icarus + Brawler = Well if on expanded on foot segments of KIU you could get that without problem.
Kid Icarus + Party Game = !?! No well, I suppose there's... Oh Kei, forget that idea it would work, but leave that to a crazy otaku fan game. *throws a Mahjong tile at the readers head*