Good gaming session with the 3DS XL !

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After his self-proclaimed magnificent birthday party, my cousin came over to have a gaming session which we played MH Tri on my Wii.
Half an hour into the game where i practically one manned Gigginox while my cousin barely able to keep up with his lousy controls, we got a full Blackout.

Thank Richard Dawkins almighty that my 3DS XL was fully charged while my cousin brought his PS VITA along. With my naturally gifted hearing i caught a dinky but deep sigh that came from Cousin.
I said " What's wrong cuz ? "
He said " Nothing "
With perception as deep as a fully filled swimming pool, i can see right through his boredom.
I knew he was tired of the game on the Vita so as an honarable cousin as i should be, i tried to cheer him up.

Fired up KID ICARUS UPRISING as usual.....
I said " Hey check this weirdly controlled game mang ! "
I showed him how the game was meant to be played.
At 1st he was looking at the 3DS XL while holding onto his Vita.
As i slide the 3D slider slowly up to MAX,my eagle eye caught the VITA now lying on the Sofa while Cousin's now completely clinged onto my back like we're on a Bro Date.
I said " Bro, u gotta get a 3DS for yourself dude, we can even play KID ICARUS UPRISING online minus the electricity babeh ! "

With newly found enthusiasm , Cousin said he would pick a 3DS XL later this week but insist that for now he wanted to watch me play until we got our electricity back.
I said " Dont leave the VITA on the sofa bro, you'll risk it getting crush if someone eventually sit on it. "

He said he didnt have a Vita pouch but with my quick thinking i said " See that table over there? There's where we put cheap or scarely used/consumed stuff over there."
"See the black thing over there? Just put the Vita on it just like the banana on the next table "

He did and now he's back to his happy self i managed to teach him a few catch phrases while we takes turns palying KID ICARUS UPRISING , everytime we started a new chapter we shouted


Btw here are the pics where he Vita safely sat on ....
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I would subscribe to this blog.
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stargazer64 posted...
I would subscribe to this blog.

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ROFL one of best story ever .
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this needs to be made into a film...
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FatCheese topics :D
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Funny my gamer friends have trouble finding games they like with the limited library of the 3ds. Only RE and KH interest them and i just bought a 3ds and i am having the same problem.

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i thought this story was gonna go very deep to where you both make out in bed, lol. anyway i enjoyed reading that.
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I am teari-

no wait, crying
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