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The making of Animal Crossing musicMegamushroom66614/1 8:06PM
I think I found the issues with Reward Claiming..SyxxPakk684/1 8:02PM
A little disappointed in no SNES VC for the 3DS
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William_18144/1 7:58PM
Are we ever going to get the Collectible Badge Center? (Poll)WitchBaby420024/1 7:58PM
Anyone who's played mk8 and mk7
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mra823124/1 7:55PM
Lets ask Nintendo to exchange Elite Gift for Coins (I still want Kid Icarus)
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tolinferwood134/1 7:54PM
Which Amiibos are rare?
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XNo_FearX144/1 7:52PM
Another "What reward should I get" topic!!!!!!
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calender68164/1 7:51PM
Official: Get Nintendo to finally make SkullKid/ Majora playable in SSB4 topic!
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Skulltula_Kid174/1 7:51PM
So Apparently the Japanese direct announced that Fire Emblem has two versions.
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Gandalf the Istari544/1 7:50PM
That Xenoblade 3D trailer was pretty good.Banjo255314/1 7:50PM
A Japanese New Nintendo 3DS on Amazon for $6.32Spectrum5784/1 7:49PM
The Great Ace Attorney Releases on July 9 '15 in Japan.
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Galaxy_Nova184/1 7:48PM
Has ANYONE redeemed their elite reward yet? (Poll)Aarvesan64/1 7:39PM
Club Nintendo Freakyforms original or deluxe?togepy14/1 7:36PM
Puzzles and Dragons demo?Trevor_Belmont44/1 7:33PM
As one final CN reward, they should send everyone Amiibos of....Zellio201464/1 7:29PM
So, is Ultimate NES Remix like Warioware?King_of_Flan34/1 7:24PM
Another one of these Topics: Which game?nmnm10024/1 7:21PM
What did you redeem for your final CN Elite Reward and are you happy?
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Megamushroom666234/1 7:21PM