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What the hell should I do with all my Club Nintendo coins?
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Spade21X199/30 1:35PM
Anyone else nab MH4U yesterday for $30 on Amazon?
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linkaegar219/30 1:34PM
Club Nintendo asking me to register a download game I didn't buy(?)HappyHippo0459/30 1:26PM
Club NintendoShirokaido69/30 1:17PM
new 3ds xl is so glossy
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Retroxgamer0139/30 1:09PM
Circle/Slide Pad MalfunctionDark_Knight_9419/30 12:09PM
donkey kong worth it for 20?MetroidHunter1399/30 11:38AM
Should Super Mario RPG get a remake? (Poll)
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ThunderSeal519/30 11:09AM
Question about 3ds xl repairPJ201419/30 11:08AM
Nintendo e-shop T&C errors.HarvestMonkey859/30 10:46AM
Nintendo Refurbished
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Dinglesteed239/30 10:45AM
Club Nintendo is offering a survey for people who played the Smash demo.
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spealfan444269/30 10:40AM
Maluigi face plate for the New 3DScloudscream19/30 10:33AM
My Unit in FE:Awakening reached level 20, how should I reclass him?OniIchimaru79/30 10:30AM
Chances of Mega Man Powered Up/Mega Man Maverick Hunter X ever releasing on 3DS?Spade21X79/30 10:26AM
Oh god... Thank you Action Replay!Skull_pro19/30 9:53AM
Who do you THINK your main will be for smash bros?
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locky723549/30 9:49AM
Anyone going to a midnight Smash release?
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WitchBaby4200149/30 9:47AM
Is there something wrong with Streetpass?WhatPoll39/30 9:40AM
This is why you don't skip Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for MH4U.
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Leanaunfurled249/30 9:36AM