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The nub means that 3ds+circle pad is betterZellio201428/30 6:07PM
The new system is for nubs
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Omunall248/30 5:50PM
CD: New Metroid Prime announced for N3DS makes the system a must buy for you (Poll)Retribution7558/30 5:46PM
maybe new 3ds extra power will help x&yar475768/30 5:42PM
If you want better games, upgrade to a 3DSbestevezz58/30 5:40PM
The world is not ready for the New 3DSfurygods108/30 5:38PM
We need a petition to stop New 3ds from releasing
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Murderstorm117258/30 5:36PM
Your reaction: Super NES and Genesis games are New 3DS exclusive.
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MellowLyricist138/30 5:34PM
How can anyone like the XL??
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DarkMark942118/30 5:31PM
Can virtual console gameboy games be played with the GBC color schemes?PhoenixBaggi48/30 5:30PM
Not enjoying Wario Land an awful lot.RatheV28/30 5:29PM
So the New 3DS gets the Famicon colors but the New XL doesn't?vital_tundra38/30 5:29PM
What's a good micro sd card to get for the 3ds?sinxsader28/30 5:26PM
all the signs for the n3ds was there.daveftw8448/30 5:19PM
As a early adopter. I'm mad at nintendo
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fire2box668/30 5:16PM
do you people really regret buying a 3ds after this?
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Genericgamer667348/30 5:15PM
We don't need the New 3DS. We need the 1DS.Isaac1987108/30 5:14PM
Even though the New 3ds is coming out......ZatchBell18/30 5:11PM
Why are people under the idea that all upcoming games are n3DS exclusives?
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Pokemon_Looker118/30 5:11PM
Why are you/are you not buying the New 3DS?
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farmco158/30 5:07PM