Nomura wishes to "Broaden" The world ends with you.

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SalsaSavant posted...
. Plus the math textbooks written by Nomura himself, in-character as Sho Minamimoto.

All my money. Take it.

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OMG can't WAIT to buy the new Neku melon ballers.
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pikachupwnage posted...
SharmHedgehog posted...
OMG! A hint about TWEWY! That CONFIRMS that Nomura is LITERALLY planning to make a sequel on 3DS, a full remake for PS4, Wii U and 720, as well as an anime and live-action movie! OMG OMG OMG!

And The world ends with you chips, T-shirts Books, Manga, and Condoms.

The World Ends With Condoms. O_o I guess somehow that makes sense.
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Well this series didn't last very long.
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BoundtotheEarth posted...
SEQUEL TIME ON Wonderswan, Game Gear, N-Gage,, Game Boy Pocket, those plug-n-play things, PSP Go, and iOS.

Each one has a different story, and all are required to completely understand it.

What, it isn't on the Virtual Boy? No sale!
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Meh, they already teased a sequel in the iOS port. It's just a matter of time.
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Looks like Mr H is going to be involved again.

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Poopcorn13 posted...
A new Kingdom Hearts.

I laughed.
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Please, no sequel. I don't want TWEWY to go the way of KH.
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what's wrong Nomura? getting bored of your key wielding idiot?

what? not enough zippers and belts for you?
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