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Rate Steel Diver/10

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4 years ago#1
I'll post my thoughts later
you're it
4 years ago#2
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4 years ago#3
My thoughts are it's an 8/10 game that's wayyyy too short, making it a 7/10 at best. If it had been a $15 eshop game people would be celebrating it as one of the best eshop games. how they thought 7 missions would be enough for a $40 retail game is beyond me.
you're it
4 years ago#4
Tough game to rate because I really did enjoy it, but recognize it falls short in many areas, even without taking into account the current portable games market where more substantial offerings can be had for far less on cell phones.

6/10 maybe?
4 years ago#5
Steel Diver/10
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4 years ago#6

I'm not trolling, I just really disliked the game. It's short, offers little variety, and just isn't fun imo.
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4 years ago#7
Well I got it for $5 so it's hard to complain about price.


There really needed to at least be vastly different enemy patterns when playing with different subs.
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4 years ago#8
I actually really enjoy it, yes its short but its fun if u actually try to completely beat it to bad there isn't no replay to it

Downloadable levels would of been nice or new subs to unlock or a better way to unlock power ups
4 years ago#9
No, John, unfortunately we don't have a code for "There's a man in my closet with a gun to my daughter's head." Although we obviously should.
4 years ago#10
ouch. imo the gameplay is plenty fun. I'd buy DLC or a sequel for sure.
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