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4 years ago#142
toad133 posted...
That's nice.


This. I already own a 3DS, but I'd sell it in a heartbeat and buy a new one if it was a special edition Dragon Quesst VIII bundle.
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4 years ago#143
Some of the best news ever. I have played 4/5/6/8/9 but haven't gotten to play this one.
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4 years ago#144
That's good for 3DS owners. I'm not getting one, but I love Dragon Warrior VII for the Playstation. Definitely one of my favorite Dragon Warrior/Quests of all time.
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4 years ago#145
Tiael posted...

I think the only hope we have for Type-0 is if SE releases an "International" version on Vita or PS3 or something.

Or the 3DS as well. Right now I say the 3DS is more likely than the Vita since there is no project in development for the Vita at this time. Not to mention they wouldn't have to do much work.
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4 years ago#146
It's cool that it's going to be a full 3D remake, not just a port.

Also, it'll feature a fully orchestrated soundtrack. It'll be amazing.
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4 years ago#147
This is good news indeed. DQVII never came out in Europe, so it'd be great to get the chance to finally play it. I loved DQVIII on the PS2. <3
4 years ago#148
It's only a matter of time until VIII comes out....

I hope anyways. Even though it's another remake, I'm looking forward to it. Probably a day one buy for me.
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4 years ago#149
This is off topic but I love your sig Lord_Frood, made me lol so hard! XD
4 years ago#150
Ravioli posted...


I love this childish mentality, it's so funny
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