Is anyone else like me and never really beat games? I get bored...

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4 years ago#31
I too have a huge backlog of games on various consoles. But not playing any of them until my exam gets over i.e., next month ! After that I will have months to play anything I want !
4 years ago#32
My backlog is around 200 games, many still sitting shrinkwrapped. I don't play enough to get through everything.
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4 years ago#33
to much free time is never a good thing, so no i don't really beat games these days, i do some however. But back when i was in school i would beat games like crazy, i would 100% games because i knew i had so little free time to do so.
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4 years ago#34
I beat a game's story, but I don't really work on 100%-ing it unless there's some kinda hidden cutscene or such for doing so, as after the story I'd like to move on to the next one.
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4 years ago#35
I used to do this, but I recently went back and beat most of my old games.
4 years ago#36
I do the same. But I realized that if I can beat the game in a day or two then I'll finish. So I always get short games. Or games that don't have endings (minecraft, kerbal space program, etc).
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3 years ago#37
I'm the same way. Although I don't have much of a life (despite working full time and going to school) but I simply end up losing interst when playing most games. I always follow and buy games religiously though.
3 years ago#38
I don't get bored, I just buy too many. I have purchased at least a good 15 games in the past 4 months.
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3 years ago#39
I do it ALL THE TIME, Denpa Men, Kid Icarus, Mario Golf, Mighty Switch Force, Mutant Muddz, Samuri Warriors Chronicles, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Asphalt 3D, Darksiders 2, Mass Effect 3, Halo Reach, Boarderlands 2, RE:R, RE:6, Dead Space 2, SM3DL, I'm like at least halfway into all those games. it's bad. But I just got Assassins Creed 3 so I'm really really gonna try to just play that til I beat it :)
3 years ago#40
Yeah I'm the same way with really grind intensive RPG's
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  3. Is anyone else like me and never really beat games? I get bored...

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