The last video game character you played as...

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AkaneJones posted...
So like what am I supposed to do with Patricia Wagon looking over my shoulder. I hope there aren't some super secret laws I don't know about in her law book. It's not like the game is very clear on what crimes the Hooligan sister are in for. Like what is it, braking a jar or some chemical-X or something?

In hind sight I'm actually glad I opened that for a second an played a level other wise I'd be be stuck with Kirby. That never ends well.
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Shoko Ozora, second president of New Japan, and she fights in a battle mech called the Liberator.

Thank god for Liberation Maiden.
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The male trainer from Black 2.
Great, he'll never be around and when he is, he'll keep quiet.
And I know he's good for rent because he always wins battles.
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Engineer from Team Fortress 2.
That might be pretty cool; the guy has like a dozen PhD's.
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Aww Yeaa!!! Sherry Birkin from Re6
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Professor Layton.
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Corvo Attano. Best. Bodyguard. Ever. Well except for that one time...
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That's a dealbreaker.
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Solange from Code of Princess

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Batarian Sentinel

Hmm... Doesn't look fun.

Alternatively: FemShep if not counting Multiplayer.
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I get to live with Princess Mei, my Norn Mesmer in Guild Wars 2. SWEETNESS!!!
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