Paper Mario or Halo 4?

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3 years ago#71
From: forest_wanderer | Posted: 11/5/2012 9:38:37 PM | #068
IAznDragonI Yan posted...
From: forest_wanderer | Posted: 11/5/2012 5:49:28 PM | #058
This post wasn't even remotely as funny as you thought it was while typing it.

wasn't trying to be funny

No, you were. It was an unneededly condescending, snarky remark. The goal of those are typically to amuse someone, be it yourself or somebody else. Just admit you're a fanboy and we can all get on with our lives.

naw i wasn't. either you want a rpg or a fps. nothing else to it. stop being anal about it.
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3 years ago#72
If you play a lot of FPS games on Xbox Live, then get Halo. If you prefer handheld gaming or RPGs, get Paper Mario. If you're really this helpless when it comes to menial decisions, don't ever move away from home.
3 years ago#73
I'm going with Paper Mario. I've never had a chance to play the Halos, so my opinion here is biased I'll admit. So take mine with a grain of salt if you must. Have been interested in Halo though, I'm not much for multiplayer but even so, Halo seems like it has a pretty good story, so one day I'll give it a fair try.
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3 years ago#74
I've played all the halo and paper mario, I'm going with the one still made by intelligent systems and renting the other. Short campaign and rehashed multi VS fairly long campaign and original developer with new ideas.... And it's not at redbox, but I suppose it is still rentable, it was less expensive than Halo 4 though and won't harass me to subscribe to gold or buy rehashed dlc. Plus my 3DS isn't over 5 years old. Deal.
3 years ago#75
GigantLuffy posted...
BrianCraigSmith posted...
Two words: JOB APPLICATION. Get a job (or another) until you make enough money to get both.


I have 2 jobs and have the money to get both, but I'm also getting the WiiU and don't want to spend that much money. Saving money can be a good thing too...especially with Christmas right around the corner.
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3 years ago#76
SMASHKING84 posted...
resident evil 4 vs mario party 4
why would anyone compare the best re game[imo] to one of the worst mario party games.

seriously i just bought this game two weeks ago and while the boards and mini game were still good i couldn't STAND the stupid single player[which you HAVE to play to get the final board,multiple times...]

the only mp i hate more is 9[self explanatory]
if you had compared re 4 to mp6 i would at least get that comparsion.

mp6 i loved re 4 but i never could get myself to play it after i beat it were as mp6, i play once a month or so ever since it came out.

I'd rather play MP4. RE4 is trash.
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3 years ago#77
If my 360 was still functioning, I would have said Halo 4...... >_<
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3 years ago#78
From: Delirious_Beard | #050
Reach was freaking awful. I know there's a new team for Halo 4, but odds are that it isn't good.

As for Paper Mario, I still have no idea if it will be good or not. And it comes out in a week.

Odds are it isn't good? It's been getting 8-9.5/10 from essentially every single reviewing website and magazine out there. FPS may not be for you but how in the hell can you honestly say it's not a quality game?

I personally don't like Mario or it's spinoffs. Sold 3DLand, MarioKart7, and NSMB 2 within a month after buying it. I'm not going to sit here and say that the games aren't good, they just aren't for me. It's a matter of being mature, and you can't seem to do that and simply waste time giving people your biased opinion on a game/genre you neither like or know anything about.
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3 years ago#79
If you have lots of friend who have halo 4, you might get more out of that. If most of them stick with 3/reach, or the CoD d'heure, I'd stick with those and get paper Mario.
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3 years ago#80
Paper Mario.

I do not care for Halo that much.
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