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The_Djoker posted...
And NSMB2 was just an average game. nothing more nothing less. The fact that you even bought Sonic 06 up means you actually liked that terribly abysmal headache.

I'd bet you even own a copy of that trash.

Nintendo could rehash NSMB a billion times and have a bunch of monkeys make it...it would still be 10x better than sonic 06.

Sonic sucks now and his best games won't even be as good as Mario's worst. Facts.

Hey stupid, I never said I liked Sonic 06. All I said is that it's more tolerable than the souless rehashed cash in that is NSMB2, which it is.

Stop being a Nintendo fanboy. It's jokers like you why games are treated like a joke.
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If you really think having an average forgettable game in your series is worse than having an awful train wreck that make people give up on the series in your series, then there is nothing to talk about.
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Lol, what would I post that here? Edited.
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