Would you buy Wind Waker remade on 3DS?

#51xLexLuth0rxPosted 11/11/2012 12:12:47 PM
Would I want another Zelda remake right now instead of some new content? No. Would I buy it if it arrived? Probably.
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#52crazymerioPosted 11/11/2012 12:26:38 PM
No, still have it on gamecube with me right now and haven't beaten it. No point.
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#53fwiotgPosted 11/11/2012 12:31:03 PM
Nope, I have it on the GC, and I prefer console games. No need for two copies, one of which is gimped by noticable pixelation. Plus, the GC controller feels better than a 3DS...so...no.
#54PaperDolphinPosted 11/11/2012 12:31:50 PM
Yes!! It's so much better than majora's mask they arent even comparable
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#55RetroFanGirlPosted 11/11/2012 12:50:11 PM
Yes. I love WW
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#56Freelance_WolfPosted 11/11/2012 12:52:13 PM
Don't care for a remake, but I'd buy a port of it. Easily my favourite 3D Zelda game with the most engaging Link ever and the best cel-shading I've ever seen in a game.
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