Is it worth it to get the XL over the original?

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Starwars4J posted...

Quite simply I've never seen anyone stupid enough to not know how to hold a game console correctly.

This is an image of Satoru Iwata, THE PRESIDENT OF NINTENDO, holding a 3DS. The edges of the system are digging into the palms of his hands, as you can clearly see on his left hand. I guess he's stupid too huh?

Unless you hold the 3DS in the strangest way possible, the corners of the system will always dig into your palms. And this bothers a lot of people. But instead of acknowledging this, you claim people, Iwata included, are holding it wrong. This is what butthurt fanboys do because they are butthurt.

I mean really, would you hold an iPhone the same way you claim you hold the 3DS? I certainly would hope not.

It's impossible to hold an iphone as you would a 3DS, or at least impractical. But even if it were possible and practical, iphone has rounded edges. So does PSP, so does, Vita, so do virtually all current gen systems, the XL included. Nobody WANTS pointed edges digging into their hands, which is why Nintendo curved the edges of the XL.

As far as the 7/10, which I don't even remember (apparently it meant more to you),

Didn't even care enough to comment, just had a silent laugh at how butthurt you were.

you might want to look back for the reasons why not just me, but a LOT of people call you a troll.

What it boils down to is butthurt. I get called a 3DS troll and a Vita troll daily on my channel from fanboys from different sides. You're just fulfilling the butthurt quota from the Nintendo side, that's all.
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Trying to start controversy & fighting...
troll... Enough said. Go back under your bridge & stop being an attention-whore.
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notacos posted...
Trying to start controversy & fighting...

You can say that about any post on any message board ever, yours included.

Grow thicker skin. The world doesn't have to conform to your thin skin.
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IAznDragonI Yan posted...
the ds lite is way louder than the XL though.

I just recently purchased one, and you are actually right. It's not louder than the DSi XL though. You know, the much more mature XL (than the 3DS XL)?
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if u dont own a 3ds sure. if u do no.
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Standard 3DS (red) bundled with Super Mario 3D land is on sale this black friday for 150 bucks. Personally, I'd wait to choose that as opposed to getting the XL now.
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gogeta85 posted...
Razieru posted...
Just know it is Nintendo's "low budget" system of a lifetime. The very material used for its body will show and prove this. Other hilarity and "budget" features include, but are not limited to:

> butchered brightness (yes, the max brightness looks like 1)
> sound quality (welcome back to the quiet sound quality days of the DS Lite)
> two less battery door screws (yes, they even cut back on this so the battery door will naturally be loose and can come half way loose if enough pressure/turbulence is applied due to those two missing screws)
> the very Fisher Price plastic making up its body screams low budget and CHEAP

Think all that is worth $200?

Just mad cause you cant afford it haha.

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