So, the next BIG 3DS games to release are Adventure Time and then MH3U...

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Akagehisa posted...
I'm a little bit in your situation TC,, 3Ds is getting nice games but unfortunately,, games I'm not much of a fan,,, luigis mansion,, phoenix wright, harvest moon,,, not my kind of games,,,

But I'm giving Castlevania a chance,, at first I was a little bit dissapointed because I was expecting it to be a 3d Castlevania,,, but the sidescrolling seems to be prety solid and fun.

Watch out! You can attract TC's full rage for that comment alone! Here, you can scare him with this:
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Adventure time is by WayForward. Shantae is usually considered must have, Contra 4 was great, Alien's infestation was pretty well liked, I personally loved Double Dragon Neon, their Bloodrayne is widely considered best in the series, etc. It's not some random licensed game, I can understand it being considered the next big game.