5 Features 3DS needs(Firmware/E-shop)

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It might be a good deal for you, but not me. Majority of those games that you've listed I have no interest in, and the rest I either own, or already played. The extra 20% or so in savings is basically for digital downloads, which I don't like doing. I'd rather own the physical form of a game.

I wasn't trying to sell anyone on PS+. I personally am at a point where I only have a certain amount of gaming time so I'm picky about what I play and how much I spend on gaming (not to pick on those who do have time, I remember being a teenager and being single in my early 20s with plenty of time to game), as such I don't have time for everything PS+ would have to offer so I'm not a subscriber. I'm just pointing out that there are certain reasons to get it. Its not like X-Box Live where you're paying to use certain features, there are hundreds of dollars worth of free content offered every month. Anyone who would call PS+ a rip off or say there is no reason to have it just don't know what it has to offer, or is trolling. You admit that you prefer having physical media, I get that, so I'm not calling you out (although you should keep in mind that while you aren't interested in this months deals, next months might have a game you wanted but didn't get around to buying yet), just explaining my stance on PS+.
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I bought PSN+ and I have to say....it's not all that amazing, I've barely touched any of the free games, the cloud service is nice, but only if my PS3 dies, and the discounted games aren't all that amazing anyways. Not so sure I'm going to renew.
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