How Many Nintendo Portables Do You Own?

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4 years ago#61
4. GBC and up.
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4 years ago#62
Lifetime, I have:
GB Pocket
GB Color
GB Micro
DS lite

I also have two old Game and Watches, Hole, and Balloon Fight, though both are in terrible condition thanks to a house fire this past december. They looked so nice...
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4 years ago#63
By generation (not revision/model) I've owned all but the G&W, though right now I only have the 3DS. I'm set to regain a SP soon (which is going to be customized) so the count will go back up to 2.

If you count models over lifetime (if even briefly) then I probably only missed the G&Ws, GB Pocket, and DSi I think. While I sort of fell out with Nintendo in the console department handhelds have been another affair.
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4 years ago#64
1x GB
1x GBA
1x GBA SP2 (AGS-101)
2x GBA Micro
1x NDS Phat
1x NDS Lite
1x 3DS

9 total. all are mine, lol
4/6 for generations. Never had a GBC, though I always thought it just barely met the criteria for a separate gen
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4 years ago#65
3DS (US)
3DS (JP)

Started out light with Nintendo systems back then, even owned a Megadrive over a SNES :x
4 years ago#66
1x gameboy
1x gameboy pocket
1x gameboy color
1x gameboy advance
1x gameboy advance sp
1x ds
1x ds lite
1x dsi
1x 3ds
4 years ago#67
Lets see, I have...
Original Gameboy
Gameboy (Green)
GB Pocket
GB Light
GB Color
GB Advance
GB Advance SP
GB Micro
DS Phat
DS lite

might as well get second hand DSi and DSiXL for collection.XD
4 years ago#68
4. 1 GBAsp, 1 DSLite, 1 DSiXL, 1 3DS XL
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4 years ago#69
GB (x2), GBC, GBA SP, DSL (x2), DSi, 3DS, 3DS XL.
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