With Mighty Switch Frce HD releasing soon, I'm kinda nervous. xD

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Haha, Wayforward would NEVER do that ... would they?

*ponders* ...

Oh gods ...

I just noticed, her normal clothes is see through? O_o

You mean the lower half on the title screen image?

Don't own Shantae, so no idea what the title sceeen looks like.

It's the same pic but just her upper body. Basically the only way to know that it's see though would be from offical artwork. Also that sort of counts as wtsstadamit.
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I was talking about MSF, unless you're answering a different question.

Oh, I thought you were talking about Shantae. xD

And ok, so the only to see that was to complete the game huh ... I'll get it someday, but just wish it would go on sale! >_<
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