Now that Wii U has Nintendo Network when are us 3DS owner getting the update???

#21MRW1215Posted 11/19/2012 5:27:54 PM
I figure we'll hear more about it at E3 next year, and the update will probably actually come along next November or December.
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scigeek101 posted...
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I hope soon so I can start buying games from the eShop that are actually TIED to my account

Hate to burst your bubble, but the WII U uses the exact same digital drm system as the 3ds and Wii, meaning your software is locked to the console it was originally purchased for. So basically you have an account, but its locked to the console, and you can't change it.

Actually the 3ds seems a little better in this regard, as it actually lets you transfer all your data to another 3ds 5 times, as far as I know Wii U doesn't let you do anything like this.

So basically, Nitendo doesn't look like they are going to improve their digital download service anytime in the near future.

The only thing Nintendo Network gives you over the current system is no friend codes, everything else is pretty much exactly the same.

I don't really see what the problem is with having your games tied to your WiiU. I mean, it's not like people are gonna buy multiple WiiUs to warrant being able to transfer stuff. It's not a handheld. On the 3DS, I can understand, as people actually want to upgrade from Ambassador units to newer ones like the XL.

What I think Nintendo should do though is to be able to unlink your account from a console so you can link it to another. But I assume this would require online access (so Nintendo can remotely wipe your old WiiU, much like with 3DS transfers).
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