Wii U excitement is making me want a 3DS XL

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that board is being infested by trolls right now

it isn't any thing fascinating really, if you been in gamefaqs long enough :D. haters try to reasure themselves by not buying a particular system they hate, while people who bought it enjoy the games on the systems or rather than doing that, they try to become shield for the company.

this is the same for all new system launchers. except there are a couple of systems out their that are ok to hate on, Wii and Vita. Vita is just a massive let down, not in the system though but its games, Wii was a flop for hardcores, but i am one of those who thought Wii was a giant success, the games were more appealing than the 2 meh twins. so at the end it all comes down to OPINION, in gamefaqs as well.

Those so called fans are the ones doing the most complaining though. "My update is slow", "I can't get Netfix to work", " Reviews say game sucks", "Do I need this for the transfer", and just generally arguing and reassuring themselves as well. Why are they even on GF crying and arguing with people on launch day? They do and will bash Sony and Microsoft's new console, so they are "trolls" just as much as the non nintendo butt kissers are. Day one bricked users must be "trolls" now too, huh?
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