Epic Mickey is the shortest retail game I've ever played...

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Complaining because a game is short is like complaining that a book doesn't have enough pages. Who cares as long as it's good?

Also, you can beat Contra in 12 minutes. That's good enough for me.

Apparently this guy would shell out $60 for a PS3 game with one 5 minute level, as long as that level was fun.

We are about to hit 2013, I expect games to be longer and better than their predecessors. The days of games that can be beaten in 10 minutes are gone, now we need to get rid of full retail games that can be beaten in less than 3 IMO. 3 is my magic number, if I can't get at least 5 hours of game play out of a platformer my first time through, I won't pay full price for it. Eshop games that are like $10-20? Yeah, those are allowed to be hour long games, they aren't a full price release. If you're doing a full price release, give us our moneys worth.
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yeah i was going to buy it too but saved my money lol
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Honestly I'd still buy it if it was simply a short but sweet game. But it's short and somewhat crippled by the painting mechanics... so nope. Such a shame, I was really hyped for this game.
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walmart needs to stop taking back opened games.
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