Whats so bad about games with "z" in it?

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I'm ashamed to be registered on GameFAQs after reading this topic. Some of you just have no clue how to read.

TC is not talking about games with a properly used Z in the title, he is talking about games where a word is in plural form and the S was changed to Z to look "cool". F-Zero was not changed from S to Z. F-Sero doesn't make any sense and anyone who brought it up should receive 10 public lashings. Dragon Ball Z was never Dragon Ball S, Mega Man ZX was never Mega Man SX, etc.
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OH Zhut it, why are you zo zure you know everyone here on gamefaz anywayz?
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Legend of Zelda?
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587Deathking posted...
Mega Man ZX

You don't have a clue what you're posting about.
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