Which genre of Mario games do you like best?

#11TalicusPosted 11/25/2012 11:33:35 AM
Cool poll. I like 2D Mario games best on average, even though Super Mario 64 is my favorite Mario game of all time.
I'm surprised to see that Kart has so few votes.
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#1221_21Posted 11/25/2012 12:08:35 PM
I'm surprised that Mario RPGs are getting a lot more love than 2D platformers here. Heck, possibly even the most support right now.
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#13StephenYap3Posted 11/25/2012 1:51:49 PM
SuperMario1998 posted...
I think I have to go with RPG.

Me too...just for Paper Mario.
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#14psoRangerPosted 11/25/2012 1:57:36 PM
for the poll i chose 2D but honestly i liked a little bit of everything.
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#15abbyhitterPosted 11/25/2012 2:04:17 PM
3D Platformers
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#16Plasma EXEPosted 11/25/2012 2:11:53 PM
Probably Mario Kart (with friends) followed by the RPG's and 2D platformers. I feel like some of the recent 2D Mario games have been very uninspired (though NSMBU has piqued my interest a little bit, even if just with the multiplayer and gamepad gimmick that looks fun).
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