"Pink pieces can only be acquired via StreetPass!"

#21NekoakumaPosted 11/26/2012 6:09:11 AM
I should've said, it's not guaranteed that YOU will get a pink piece, but it is guaranteed that pink pieces ARE given out.
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iMURDAu posted...
@RyuVegas: There are puzzles that can be completed in the Mii Plaza. You can spend 2 play coins to get a random piece. There are some puzzles that have a certain amount of pink pieces that can only be acquired by getting a streetpass tag from another 3DS owner. Blue pieces can be gotten from play coins, pink only from streetpass. TC is complaining about having to streetpass in order to complete puzzles. I spend my time going after hats in Find Mii so I'm not worried about the puzzles.

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