RUMOR: Resident Evil Revelations being ported to consoles

#31robomasteralphaPosted 11/26/2012 4:48:40 AM
jumper1234 posted...
robomasteralpha posted...
I'm surprised no one has mentioned the glaring typo in the topic title yet.

It's spelled "Revelaitons", TC.

i lold at this.

Then my work here is done.
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IHeartMetroid posted...
What? No, you made a strong point.

My bad. We tend to disagree on... well... everything else. I thought fwoosh was meant to mean something went over my head.
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IHeartMetroid posted...
"They wouldn't really need to modify much at all but it would be nice for them to add a bit more enemy variety, which we know was limited in the 3ds version due to system constraints"


Enemy variety in RE: Rev was fine.

far from fine it need 3-5 more types
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deimos91 posted...
far from fine it need 3-5 more types

Again, since you can't read- There are at least twelve specific individual enemy types in RE: Revelations, each one with their own individual design, AI, etc. That's more than was present in the first three RE games, Haunting Ground, Shattered Memories, SH1 and 2...

Just because you only remember the Standard Water Zombie doesn't mean the other enemies don't exist.