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Bravely Second Opening
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19darkdenizen92144/1 11:21PM
I've decided to enter the 3DS scene again for Attack On TitansKingTGP104/1 11:19PM
Attack on Titan 3DS Localization Confirmedgamertaken34/1 11:14PM
Why is it that Japanese games are getting bigger budgets but not being localizedMettagame94/1 11:00PM
Already redeemed?mabber_III24/1 10:53PM
Operation Faceplate topic V3 - Still waiting.
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forest_wanderer444/1 10:50PM
Its good to see shovel onight has legs.pikachupwnage14/1 10:46PM
Lets ask Nintendo to exchange Elite Gift for Coins (I still want Kid Icarus)
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tolinferwood144/1 10:44PM
Club nintendo platDSHeroX94/1 10:36PM
Think they would add Banjo and Kazooie in Smash if we raised enough hell?Skulltula_Kid64/1 10:35PM
"Your reward has already been redeemed." Uh, no it hasn't.maniaxe61354/1 10:16PM
Is Mario Golf: World Tour any good?Ebolaborne54/1 10:16PM
Awesome, they fixed Codename Steam's biggest issue!
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BlueDsc324/1 10:08PM
Mario Golf or Mario Party?Hejiru44/1 10:07PM
Anyone else think Fire Emblem If doesn't look morally ambiguous enough?SegavsCapcom94/1 10:04PM
I submitted a ballot for Mike JonesGogo72624/1 9:54PM
Animal Crossing Vs Donkey Kong (Platinum rewards) (Poll)vapour217104/1 9:54PM
So Wii U gets N64 and DS games, and 3ds gets....Skulltula_Kid64/1 9:52PM
Anyone willing to trade [US] Pushmo 3ds code for [US] Paper Mario: Sticker Starpinkcheshirecat14/1 9:46PM
How's about shovel knightgrampt14/1 9:26PM