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For those who are holding out for the regular size N3DS
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Azn Psycho642/28 4:57AM
Is EU N3DS a good choice?BirdWithDreams52/28 4:42AM
What is the cutest game on 3DS?Splatulated32/28 3:30AM
No club Nintendo code?VenomREC52/28 2:35AM
What 3ds game have you played for the longest time in one sitting?xXCloudoXx52/28 2:23AM
My Shulk Amiibo order got canceled :/pikachupwnage42/28 2:17AM
On the New 3DS XL, does MH4U stay at a consistent 60 frames?
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EvilBeards142/28 1:59AM
Azure Striker GUNVOLT 2 is coming
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Mejjos152/28 1:32AM
I have 655 Club Nintendo points and I don't want any of the rewards
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mahgah91772/28 1:30AM
Bought Tekken 3D Prime Edition for 9.99 today. Insta regret buying it :/
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MarikoNumber35172/28 1:08AM
I need 40 coins, do the club nintendo rewards give coins?MonsterXA72/27 11:38PM
Thinking of getting Xeodrifter... any opinions?GreekTheftAuto12/27 11:28PM
8 bux on the eshop and need 20 coins to get to goldcalender68102/27 11:05PM
Downloading on my 3DS stops the internet from working on other devices...Crimson_Jesus22/27 11:00PM
Ironfall impressions. Multiplayer is fine. Stay far away from the campaign
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pikachupwnage282/27 10:14PM
Are you not allowed to flip your 3DS closed with CPP on?21_2162/27 10:14PM
Are headphones (not earbuds) compatible so long as they have a jack?EvilBeards102/27 10:11PM
Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 announcedRob_the_Ninja32/27 10:01PM
Pokemon Omega Ruby.DarkKnightCessi32/27 9:29PM
There is an update for Majora's Mask 3D available now
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Megamushroom666152/27 9:16PM