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Former Nintendo boss thinks they should stop region locking their products
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Okay, so what's YOUR game of the year?
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In retrospect, what do you think of the 3DS?
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Flamer_Blue2812/21 7:00PM
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Level five working on new game.
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Hercik11412/21 6:03PM
My Activity Log wiped out all the data from the last ten days..keyblader1985512/21 5:15PM
Would ypu buy Japanese Learner game? (Poll)
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Young_Wiz6212/21 5:13PM
New 3DS LL/XL releases in 'Murica, when??
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KittyBillionair1712/21 4:54PM
Want to Get Into RPG's
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pigwarts5ever4812/21 4:49PM
Miiverse server crash/going thru maintainence!Shafayat1234412/21 4:41PM
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Pokemon sapphire alpha has a nice endgame content!chicksboii912/21 4:26PM