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Download game online and transfer to sd card?jmido861/31 11:51PM
Physical games that let you save to the SD Card?Turbo_TRex51/31 11:50PM
We're probably gonna see the 3DS's successor at E3 2015.
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CutthemacX391/31 11:46PM
What is series you would like to see on the 3DS that has yet to be on the 3DS!
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SolomonBenDavid201/31 11:23PM
Went to the Nintendo Store in NYC today--it was awesome
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parabola_master251/31 11:06PM
How Many 3DS Games Are In Your Library? (Poll)
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CWHITTY471/31 10:34PM
Will my virtual console games transfer to the new 3DS?Dr_Kain21/31 10:29PM
Tried the new 3DS Xl today and holy crap.
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Coop14111/31 10:27PM
What is the release date for code Name SteamHELLWOLF0621/31 10:19PM
Xenoblade Chronicles 3D available for pre-order at Best Buy nowVivaLaRazaLH61/31 10:19PM
Does the glossyness of the N3DS XL protect the paint?
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DarkHero_Knight161/31 10:14PM
Battery question.
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endgel121/31 9:56PM
SD corrupted some games, any way to not lose certain saves?SoulHaxorus61/31 9:38PM
Finally picked up Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D
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xxtearg0dxx161/31 9:16PM
Currently. Which 3DS XL do you guys have?
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Disney15731/31 8:50PM
Do you guys think I should sell my 3ds now or wait?MHfanboy7441/31 8:47PM
Is it the 13th yet?
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Miggyt251/31 8:46PM
whats better 3ds or xlShadowking129101/31 8:36PM
Just got my hands on a New 3DS XL at gamestop
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Arceus5000131/31 7:57PM
Having issues with my 3DS...KFHEWUI61/31 7:48PM