I'm a girl and looking for friends

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3 years ago#31
I've added you. I need more friends on here anyway.
Palutena: "I really can't imagine you being in a "melee".
Pit: "That's because I wasn't -_-" 3DS Friend Code: 0430-9368-3384
3 years ago#32
Pmed code also in Sig
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3 years ago#33
Added you. FC in sig
3DS Friend Code: 2191-7798-3462
3 years ago#34
caramie posted...
I bought my 3ds yesterday so I have 0 friends right now.

PLEASE add me 0834-0529-6597 and comment here with your code so I can add you back!

If you have an xbox, you can add me also. Gamertag:caramie11

I only have Super Mario 3d land, but since I'm a horror game fan, I will buy Resident evil and SPIRIT camera.

I'm been a gamer since the SNES era. And you?

What's the count so far on the messages in your inbox?
3 years ago#35
looks like we scared her off guys - LAWL
3 years ago#36
ohhhhhh, ohhhhhh, I see how it is. point out you're a girl so you toy with everyone well it won't work on me. besides there aren't any girls on the internet
Steam thefabregas22
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3 years ago#37
Wynters387 posted...
Yea, um what's the point of you saying you're a girl?

It's like me saying "hey look everyone I'm the mayor of puddingville! Look at my delicious pudding pack! And me if you want my pudding: 0087-2310-3975!"

This is the one and only time your schtick was actually funny. Good job.
What I can't get over is how she ripped one testicle off..~Frogstir
I can't read your topics without expecting Bel Air now.~KensaiBlade
3 years ago#38
Virgins-- assemble!
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3 years ago#39
AbysmalTrinity posted...
I'll add you regardless of your gender.

my fc is 1848-1701-2271
Jirachi is the best pokemon ppl who agree:3
unless i state otherwise everything i say is MY opinion.
3 years ago#40
Do you game barefoot?
Vita Flopic creators = schadenfreude
Legit discussion on sales = intelligent debate
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