Next year looks bleak for 3DS

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Honestly, I'm scared of next year. I don't know where to begin.
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I love how this happens at the end of every year for every system on GameFaqs, only for people to complain there are too many games to buy when February rolls around.

That's nice.

No ones complaining, I just happen to like my 3DS and I like to play games. And I care about others opinions on games, so I can get into more things.

And I forgot about etrian Odyssey. Isn't that the game where you customize dungeons it something?

Not customize per se... It's kinda hard to get into because it's very traditional hardcore RPG. You need teams that actually fight monsters and teams that gather materials, and you need to manually draw out the map. It can sometimes get a little tedious because of all the searching around walls, drawing, and micromanaging you have to do, but the fans love it because of all that. I have to say, once you take off in this game, it is exhilarating. It's a pure RPG to the heart that you don't see much nowadays.
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Hell you're forgetting that by the time September rolls around there will be more great games we don't know about.
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