Uh... why did I just get a spotpass for the "new" folders update for 3DS???

#1AwesomeOSaucePosted 11/28/2012 2:43:52 AM
I had the folder update since it came out and I just got a spotpass telling me to update it right now...
I did but it said system already up to date >_>
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#2xoftheuniversePosted 11/28/2012 3:00:42 AM
Thats what you get for driving at 88 mph.
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#3nonexistingheroPosted 11/28/2012 3:29:25 AM
Something similar happened to me once as well, but with something else (I forgot). Anyhow... I guess messages sometimes get stuck for a while. Kinda like how the mail man can be late because he's doing it with your neighbour's wife.
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#4abbyhitterPosted 11/28/2012 6:39:20 AM
or neighbor's husband.
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#5NettoSaitoPosted 11/28/2012 6:44:50 AM
It's happened to me before as well. Nintendo keeps telling me about find Mii 2 lol
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#6De_Blob_XPosted 11/28/2012 7:42:11 AM
Ussually when i change region i get that.
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