They better not drop the ball with the new Zelda 3ds game coming out.

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I enjoyed the DS Zelda games, not personal favorites, but I felt that the touch screen controls were implemented well and had no issues, and aside from the Temple of the Ocean King visit #91019, I felt it was fun to play.
And ST fixed that problem with the Tower of Spirits, and I absolutely loved the train travel, even if the overworld was literally on tracks.

SS however is one of my personal favorites and I had no issues with the motion controls in that.

Despite those thoughts, a 3DS Zelda will be focusing more on the 3D aspect and less on the touch screens, as I remember reading about, which is also how OoT 3D was (as well as a remake can), and will definitely not be reusing TWW Link again.
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Ph and ST are my favorite Zelda games :C

Dude.......your awesome.

Watch this, you should like it:

I have seen that and have posted it many times here :P

Also in case you didn't know I'm Rainbro_Dash and made it so no one else could take that awesome username.

Edit:Also I'm a fan of Offspring so of couse I would like it.

Cool man, I love that vid so much it's in my sig. :)

In case you didn't know I'm Rainbow---Dash. It's so nice to see other Rainbow Dash fans besides me. ^_^

First episode I saw was a Rainbow Dash heavy episode, it was when she got that pet turtle.

Ohhhhhhhh, I love that episode.
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