Thinking of Buying a 3DS XL over a normal 3DS.

#11chex81Posted 11/30/2012 7:09:22 PM
Evonfire posted...
I couldn't imagine playing a game like MGS or KH:DDD on an original 3ds. I bought an XL and even that screen is almost too small for my liking. Maybe I'm just not use to handheld gaming after taking a 10+ year break. That and high-def ps3 gaming on a 46 inch TV. Im pretty satisfied with the Xl, i wish the speakers were louder but as far as pixelated or screen stretching it hasnt even been a factor.

same. I never had an original 3ds, went straight for XL due to size of screen and easier foe big hands. the speakers coukdbt definitely be better but headphones solve that problem.
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The XL is significantly better.
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Never had a 3DS. Bought an XL on black friday for $172 from target after discounts and couldn't be happier.