What is your all time favorite handheld?

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PSP is already the best non-Nintendo handheld though.

Not hard, it's the only good non-Nintendo handheld.

Game Gear?

In my opinion all of these don't have enough good games, but your mileage may vary.
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My favorites are between ds lite and GBA SP

GBA SP had many masterpieces that still hold up to today, this is also where the handheld got a huge graphical update that allowed them to have up to SNES level graphics which isn't bad...

the gba sp also introduced rechargeable system battery and built in back lights <those were a huge pain before this came out having to buy batteries and buy a light attachment so you can see the game your playing when the lights are off>...and you can play any GB game from the past but those stick out a little...

DS lite: offered a much longer battery life then the original ds and access to the GBA library from the past...much higher brightness settings...but ya the hinges weren't built well and gets loose and can break if not handled well <its not as durable as the original DS> but overall probably my second most favorite system...

the 3ds Xl is probably my 3rd most favorite
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In my opinion all of these don't have enough good games, but your mileage may vary.

The Nomad plays Sega Genesis games. You don't just think these consoles lack good games, you don't know squat about them.
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