Two things i want to share with you that might help! :)

#190sRetroGamingPosted 12/1/2012 9:48:04 AM
1. I was finally able to find the november 2012 issue of Nintendo Power (2nd to last issue ever) at Barnes & Noble this morning! :). previously i could not for the life of me find this in any stores whatsoever. went strait to the "Current Events" sections of the magazine area and BAM!.. found TWO nice sealed minty copies w/the Series 2 10-card pack of KI:U cards!.

Grabbed my copy, paid and left!. for those looking for this i highly recommend checking out your local Barnes & Noble if you have one in your area! :). $5.99.. nowhere near as good as the subscription price but hell.. this is the second to last issue. if you want it you better find it quick!.

2. For those of you getting the new blue 3DS XL/digital MK7 LE bundle or anything else from Toy's R' Us tomorrow or anytime this week i just found this:

We should all have lots of these around us. use the link to print out your coupon, get yourself a $2 kids meal (why the hell not? lol) and get a free $10 GC for your 3DS XL purchase to use on a future purchase!.

Sorry for the long post and hoped this helped everyone! :D.
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It doesn't help me at all, but I'll bump since you're trying to be nice. Merry Christmas!
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Hehe thanks man!. yeah i just wanted to see if my post would help anybody out there looking for this issue and to help save them some more money lol :). i just read the back of the coupon and it excludes video games, video game hardware and gift cards (3DS/Wii U, XBOX and PSN) :(.

Oh well! =P
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