What game should I get my 'lil bro for his birthday?

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He dislikes grimdark or realistic video games.

So like 80% of all videogames?

Yeah, pretty much. He sticks with Nintendo games mostly.

What about the new rayman game?

That's a great idea! I'm also looking at Monkey Ball 3D even though it's supposed to be mediocre. He loves that series so much he even liked Monkey Ball Adventure.
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3 things

1. Harvest moon, its similar to animal crossing

2. Style savvy, bare with me it's a fun addicting game that several men on this board like

3. paper mario sticker star: if he's a fan of nintendo you can't go wrong with mario.

4. kid icarus great game with a great story controls might be clunky but its a good game.

5.Get him an E shop card or two let him pick the game.
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Professor Layton!