Does the white interior of the 3DS XL White influence the 3D effect?

#1KoenigHagenPosted 12/3/2012 3:04:04 PM
Im thinking about doing the "upgrade" from my normal 3DS in aqua-blue to the Xl, but I am undecided in which color to get.

I like the white one (with Mario Kart 7), as it is the only one with one-color-sheme, but Im afraid the white interior will influence the 3D effect or distract me.

Has anyone a experience to share?

Kind regards!

PS: I may apologize for my english, Im from Germany and its way to long I was in the need of writing something in english.
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I always love when non-native English speakers apologize for their English when it's so much more coherent and legible than most native but lazy-a55 anglophones.

Anyway, lol, sorry TC, don't know. But I bumped your topic!
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i've never had the pleasure of using a 3ds with anything other than a black border, so i wouldn't know, but i can't imagine not having a black border affects the 3d that much. i do have an idea though - see if you can find a white piece of cardboard or something, cut a hole so it fits around your 3ds' screen, and see if it affects the 3d at all. might be a dumb idea, but hey if a white piece of cardboard makes no difference to the 3d i can't see why a white border would.
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Thanks for the compliment and for the helpful advice!
I did as you recommended, and I have to say:
Although the 3D-Effect is barely affected, the viewing experience is different. Think as you watch a movie in the cinema, but the borders around the screen are white...
But it just might be unusual to me because the last portable consoles I owned all had a black border around the screen.
Anyone got a white 3DS Xl and can share his/her opinion on this topic?
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Pretty sure it was said in some interview/article that the black border was only needed on the 3DS because of the size of the screen. With the XL's larger screen, it is not needed.
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Nah, no difference. The larger XL has better 3d anyways.
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I have a white XL and it looks better in 3D than my launch Cosmo Black unit.