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I messed up the Daily Record in the Activity LogUnos_Hambalos47/23 10:36AM
Can anybody recommend me some good DS games?
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yomomma0919407/23 10:35AM
Share your sad backlog situation
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PressRestart597/23 10:31AM
Mario & DK: Minis on the Move or Fluidity: Spin Cycle? (Poll)Megamushroom66687/23 10:25AM
is hotel dusk room 215 going to be rare or hard to find?
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smokeyacr127/23 10:23AM
I have a question for people with both 2ds and 3ds xl.skip_dog47/23 10:18AM
I guess I spoke too soon.
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Erukia137/23 10:07AM
Is there a way to reduce the chance of/prevent an XL's hinges from cracking?
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Metua177/23 10:07AM
How powerful is comics Workshop?DemonCatursday37/23 9:54AM
Siesta Fiesta gets a 9/10 from Nintendo Life - link includedstargazer6457/23 9:49AM
Size QuestionFennyariel27/23 9:40AM
Which game out of these is the best?nights_rain27/23 9:40AM
How good are these games?cyberwarrior9477/23 9:31AM
SD Card stuck in my 3DS!!
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cruddy kong127/23 9:17AM
How long until Unity is available on the 3DS?TheMisterManGuy17/23 9:15AM
Is there any romance in EO IV?BirdWithDreams107/23 9:07AM
I'm in the mood for Pokemon...
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MetalGearOnAcid157/23 8:56AM
NA Club Nintendo Platinum members what did you redeem for . . . ? (Poll)iphys107/23 8:46AM
Use this opportunity to let Ninty know you want FATAL FRAME V (WiiU/3DS!!!
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dudupupu127/23 8:35AM
eShop indie support, how satisfied are you? (Poll)
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TheMisterManGuy137/23 8:34AM