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Hey guys will the new majoras mask work on the smaller 3ds?
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itrainpokemon3312/28 4:47AM
Which games have you recently bought from the eShop?
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Dyno_Storm1812/28 4:47AM
Theatrhythm: Legend of Zelda? Theatrhythm: Super Mario? (Poll)gilgamesh211012/28 4:45AM
Will they port terraria to the new 3ds?wintrepunk812/28 4:27AM
Is Inazuma Eleven any good for Jrpg fan?blackrosewitch1512/28 4:01AM
What's a fun yugioh game for the 3ds/ dsHomieKnockout812/28 3:45AM
is Ubisoft seriously forcing Nintendo to remove Tetris?Genericgamer6671012/28 1:30AM
Hospital stay, dusted off my 3DSXL and I'm glad I did.
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HMXTaylor_Lee2212/28 1:18AM
If I loved Fire Emblem: Awakening, would I like Pokemon: Alpha Sapphire?
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7lightsXIII1312/28 1:15AM
Could Resident Evil 4 play good on this system?
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shotgunheadshot1712/28 1:00AM
My Eshop thirty dollar Triple Pack Card, has only thirteen digits
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RabnadSkubla1412/28 12:33AM
How are the following eShop Level 5 games that are on sale?
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HellsingOrg1712/27 11:08PM
I tried homepass and it works well. After I updated to ver 9.4.0, it failed.yyxone112/27 11:07PM
Question about Nintendo's Customer Service.ArmoredGuns512/27 10:45PM
Favorite Pokemon Generation? (Poll)
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Scootaluigi5112/27 10:39PM
Blue dot on Miiverse iconKFHEWUI412/27 10:36PM
3DS Refuses to connect to internetPabloBaka312/27 9:38PM
Don't you hust love it when games try to screw you?Blancshammer812/27 9:25PM
Best ever pokemon moment?
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Darkdemon89102912/27 9:15PM
Are the PS VITA hunters better than MH4U?
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Delphox1912/27 8:20PM