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GameStop and Pre-Order (NOT about the New Nintendo 3DS XL)F4llen_D3m0N31/30 12:18AM
Okay... decide my fate for me. Because why not?Dark Gunner11/30 12:13AM
Kmart will no longer be selling games
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MetalGearOnAcid641/30 12:11AM
stage 21 gunman clive 2 is phenomenal!khallos1411/30 12:10AM
Anyone have experience swapping their 3DS' inner shell?RevengeLobster41/30 12:05AM
For those that will be buying an AC Adapter for their upcoming N3DS XL.TheForeverLost31/29 11:58PM
Best dragon quest for ds
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brazyjosh111/29 11:53PM
Scared for the immediate or future of the 3DS?? Please don't listen to this guy!
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outworld222191/29 11:52PM
So I got my 32 gig Micro SD card for my New 3ds today.Maverick_Reznor31/29 11:42PM
Kinda amused by the N3DS Gamestop trade in offer.
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Numbnuts511/29 11:40PM
Thinking about upgrading to a New 3DS. Is it for me?CubeTV31/29 11:29PM
Letting scalpers win with the LE New 3DSes makes sense but not the only caseLordCooler11/29 11:27PM
Is it weird that no regular N3DS pretty much killed most of my fanboy loyality?
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Puppy_Chou291/29 11:10PM
Importers: Has the Canadian eShop stopped accepting your foreign credit card?Xenesis Xenon11/29 11:00PM
rate the waifu of the poster above you - 3DS edition
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The_Pig_Hostage191/29 10:59PM
Can the New 3DS XL upscale all regular 3DS games?
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DesperateMonkey171/29 10:50PM
Thanks whoever last used my NNID for the free $30 dollars
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xxtearg0dxx201/29 10:32PM
MH edition back up.
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gilv3r161/29 10:30PM
Looks like ironfall is has a February release date.
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stromvancouver161/29 10:19PM
Let's get a screenshot thread goingilikepie64121/29 10:12PM