Can Nintendo not make their own officially licensed...

#190sRetroGamingPosted 12/4/2012 12:33:30 PM(edited)
Capture Card for the 3DS/3DS XL?. is it licensing issues, not being worth their time to make, costs too much to produce?. what exactly is it?. they know people out there like to record footage for personal use.

I'd like to do some let's plays and random recordings for my YT channel but i don't trust sending in my 3DS to some stranger and paying hundreds of dollars for it. if Nintendo themselves made one i'd definatly buy one!. anybody else wish they'd make one?. they would make some serious cash in the process!.
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As far as I know, none of the console dev's have ever done capture cards. They don't like them too much - probably because people can look up a game online and, after watching a few videos, they might not get it. They rather make their own videos.
But if you're looking for one, there's always 3DSCapture. Just google it... pricey, but apparently the only way to get it for 3DS as of yet.
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