So what other GB/GBC games do you guys think Nintendo should put on the e-shop?

#21Mariofan15Posted 12/5/2012 5:49:01 PM
From: MetalLoki | #002
Shantae is all I care about.

This so much. I'd also like the Oracle Games to come but Shantae is the big one I want.
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#22Frozenx07Posted 12/5/2012 6:00:11 PM
Zelda: Oracle of Ages
Zelda: Oracle of Seasons
Resident Evil Gaiden
Metal Gear Solid
Mega Man 1-5
Animal Crossing: City Folk
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#23spyeaterPosted 12/5/2012 7:38:10 PM
Oracle of Ages/Seasons
Metroid Zero Mission
Donkey Kong Land trilogy
#24masterdogmeatPosted 12/5/2012 7:46:58 PM
Survival Kids. And if it wouldn't be too much to ask, Survival Kids 2 translated into English. Survival Kids was way better than the Lost in Blue series that it turned into, which was still pretty decent. Survival Kids ruled. Period.
#25XashowdPosted 12/5/2012 7:53:57 PM
Oracle of Ages/Seasons (GBC)
A Link to the Past (GBA)
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (GBA)
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (GBA).

Honestly, those are the ones I most want. Everyone can agree that the Oracles should be put up there. But I can't really think of any other GB/C games I really want...And for GBA, those three are the main ones I'd like to see and want to get. Any others are unlikely due to exclusion (Minish Cap), dislike (People really don't like KH:CoM's Card Battle system, so as much as I'd like to see it up there, I'd be a minority...) or possible remakes (FFV and FFVI Advance. Due to the likelihood of FFV and VI remakes on the 3DS, having the GBA versions would be redundant...).
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#26iammaxhailmePosted 12/5/2012 7:59:53 PM
I'd love to get Mario Tennis (GBC) with some way to unlock the N64 transfer pak stuff
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#27ItemBreakPosted 12/5/2012 8:00:22 PM
Pokémon TCG games. I always liked them more than Card Hero.
#28nintendoveteranPosted 12/5/2012 8:13:17 PM
iammaxhailme posted...
I'd love to get Mario Tennis (GBC) with some way to unlock the N64 transfer pak stuff

I think they should incorporate a way to link the 3DS and Wii U when the Wii U VC gets set up, so you could do this. Then they could add Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2, on the Wii U, and Gen 1 and 2 on 3DS.

Anyway, I'd like to see...

Game Boy
Donkey Kong Land 1-3
Mega Man V
Pokemon Gen 1
Pokemon Pinball
Pokemon Trading Card Game

Game Boy Color
Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors(I've never played it, but would like to try it)
Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons/Ages
Mega Man Xtreme 1 and 2
Pokemon Gen 2
Super Mario Deluxe
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#29Frozenx07Posted 12/7/2012 6:36:21 PM
Oh. I forgot to add the Game Boy Camera. Wouldn't that be awesome? :)
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#30TransdudePosted 12/7/2012 6:39:09 PM
If they put about 50% of the GB/GBC games here, I will be satisfied.