Nintendo to have a Press Conference tonight on Wii U and 3DS games

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Spoke too soon
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Ecellent, March 2013 for Luigi
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Wario Land 3 for eShop, released as soon as conference finishes in Europe
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I expect nothing from game company press conferences so I'm never disappointed and am sometime pleasantly surprised.
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evilvergil posted...
Dont you think you're being a little too hard on him/her?

It's Soundcell, I'm used to him doing this type of thing.

I skim this page for info, double check the info sometimes and move on. Sometimes people make unofficial finds. I'm not a regular on this particular board or in the know when it comes to Nintendo.

But he'll make his point and move on.
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meh there have been way worse directs but it wasn't exactly epic.
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Missed it >.< What did they say about Monster Hunter?
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Not much, just that it is coming, and they did not have time to show us 3DS graphics