No chance of a new model coming anytime soon right?

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If you want to get a 3DS, the 1st gen is better than the XL for various reasons.

Wait...dare I ask you to name just one?

Better resolution?
More portable?

Games look gorgeous on 3DS XL, and 3DS XL is very portable. I was visiting my mom in the hospital yesterday, brought 3DSXL and it fit in my pocket with no issues. Stop wearing those ugly skinny jeans and the system will fit.
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I got the 3DS XL w/ MK7 deal and am loving it so far. My DS Lite feels archaic compared to this thing. My only gripe is that Pokemon White 2 looks better on my Lite, but I didn't buy this thing for DS games. Thanks for the responses guys. I didn't mean to spark a debate though. >_>
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I've been on the fringe of buying a 3DS since day 1, but seeing that 3DS XL bundle with MK7 and the Best Buy gift card, as well as the upcoming Animal Crossing game have REALLY pushed me into finally wanting to buy one. My question is, there aren't any rumors or anything of an updated system coming out right? Like with a built in second circle pad or anything? I guess I just have that fear that as soon as I finally cave, a better one is right around the corner. >_>

I say go for the xl bundle. The second circle pad rumors have been dead for a while now.
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Wow the web browser is on par with that of a smart phone. I remember the DS's being painfully bad.
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