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I see Nintendo going handheld only the next gen
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Tyranius2138/27 12:46PM
Japanese Sales Aug 18 - Aug 24Yoko48/27 12:41PM
What's Nintendo's broken reason for having a limit on streetpasses?levyjl198878/27 12:15PM
Well, my niece snapped my Atomic Purple 3DS, so I'm in the market for a new one.
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TheSuspected148/27 12:08PM
It sucks that the Eshop updates Thursday but they won't add Gunvolt till FridayMetalGearOnAcid58/27 12:07PM
Super Smash Bros 3DS strat guide sold out at Amazon!
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NewportBox100s298/27 11:31AM
Which of these is the best 3DS game? (Poll)xKitsunex108/27 11:13AM
is the 2DS screen is brighter than the normal 3DS at the same level ?SolomonStarbuck28/27 11:01AM
When to jump into <insert here> franchises?Flame55238/27 10:32AM
Finally got my 3DS back.Erukia38/27 10:25AM
So it's my birthday...suggest me a DS game to buy!
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Spade21X118/27 9:55AM
Add up the cost of all the games you're gonna buy for the rest of the year!
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spealfan444278/27 9:20AM
Just beat my 1st Shin Megami Tensei game it was Soul Hackers and no guide used
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HellsingOrg368/27 9:02AM
WEEK 3 - 3DS Board Arcade Competition ( Summer Carnival '92 RECCA) (Poll)
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Remi0327118/27 8:52AM
What If Nintendo Allows Us To Play Against Each Other Via. 3DS & Wii U?kereke12108/27 8:31AM
Is Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright worth 40 dollars?ThunderSeal88/27 8:07AM
some ds games i might like since 3ds titles dont call out to mesammogard48/27 8:05AM
Paper Mario Sticker Star is on sale for 10 dollarsxKitsunex38/27 8:02AM
Buying a 3DS soon, need help with some (RPG) games.Scorex_VII98/27 7:30AM
Can virtual console gameboy games be played with the GBC color schemes?PhoenixBaggi38/27 7:22AM