After 2-ish years~ How would you rate the 3DS?

#101Rurouni720Posted 12/6/2012 2:33:22 PM
I wonder if the DS received this much scores from users during it's 2nd year life cycle, should be interesting to see more feedback once the 3DS support increases in the future.

As of now 8.9/10. Enjoying the heck out of mine atm. :P
#102stargazer64Posted 12/6/2012 2:39:07 PM
I'm not sure....the DS hit a pretty nice stride a few months after the PSP came out. And it had way more small niche titles that were hidden gems.

It also had way more crap.
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#103Willie_MakeitPosted 12/6/2012 2:45:01 PM
5/10. I'm still not too impressed with it. We've barely had any great rpg's that aren't ports. I know, I know, KH(lame), HoR(lame) and CoP(good, just a bit short), but that's it. there's been some halfway decent E-Shop games here and there, but nothing I'd truly call an epic masterpiece. Been a pretty disappointing year overall. That's the reason I'm going to pass on buying the WiiU. I just don't have enough faith in Nintendo atm to warrant buying another system.
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#104james259Posted 12/6/2012 3:08:44 PM
Don't get me wrong I think the 3DS is a great handled. It has so much potential. There is just not that many games that appeal to me. I've been waiting for LM:DM, AC:NL, and some kind of Metroid announcement since launch.

I am sure in a year or two I'll be giving it a 10/10 but I just hate that it'll take that long.
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#105moogle69Posted 12/6/2012 3:13:33 PM
stargazer64 posted...
I'm not sure....the DS hit a pretty nice stride a few months after the PSP came out. And it had way more small niche titles that were hidden gems.

It also had way more crap.

IMO 3DS has more better games than the original DS in the same time frame but its just the localisation problem. japanese developers apparently today has very little reason to localise there games since, people are eating american crap left and right.
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#106MurasashiPosted 12/6/2012 3:19:22 PM
8/10 Still has room to grow, but I've been more impressed with other console launches. The 3DS is still soaring over its only other competitor however (And this is coming from a guy who early-adopted both a 3DS and a Vita)
I'm looking forward to more games next year.
#107bulbasaurbwnagePosted 12/6/2012 3:21:44 PM

I'm enjoying it a lot more than my old DS
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#108andodelPosted 12/6/2012 3:33:55 PM
8/10, have 11 3DS games, love them all and there's still more games I'd like to buy. Also got all the ambassador games and bought a couple other Eshop games. Great system.
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#109nedrithPosted 12/6/2012 3:35:07 PM
6.5/10 it just feels like a bit more powerful of a DS with 1 analog stick unless I feel like forking out the money to buy a second one.

The 3D is annoying was trying to play KH3D in 3D but eventually gave up, I move the thing around a bit which makes the 3D annoying to look at. I'll take some real 3D please, I don't mind the glasses. <3 my 3D laptop.

The game library isn't that great, not interested in all the ports and remakes. Sorry your not going to sell me OOT multiple times, I already have the N64 version I paid for and 2 GC versions I got for free from pre-order promotions. Not paying for another copy.

It also annoys me that while nintendo supports a SD card, they seem to refuse to let saves be put onto it. Playing KH3D myself and my 2 nephews want to play also, but they would have to share a save which for a game with a decent story isn't a great idea.

Overall a decent system but it lacks the well made design that would allow it to be rated any higher. Nice to get for a few specific games and Nintendo 1st party games though.
#110Smurf86Posted 12/6/2012 3:44:49 PM(edited)
It SHOULD be an 8/10.

All things considered, it feels like a 6/10 or lower.

The problem is lack of games which are interesting. I shouldn't find myself playing regular DS games and older gen downloads on my 3DS more than the 3DS games. It's nice that it can do such things, but you should make something appealing for its true purpose. To put it in perspective--

The 3DS feels like the Sega 32X, but without all the cords that make it look like it's on life support.

I mean the 3DS is doing better even with that comparison. And I only say that because the 32X played Genesis games. I feel the 3DS in terms of the roster of good vs not-worth-my-time is closer to the Dreamcast. And I LOVED Dreamcast. I'm just living in the year 2012 and this handheld is only barely impressing me. So yeah...


EDIT: Intriguing responses for the high end scores (aka they sound biased considering this handheld is anything but a 10. I'd accept 9 and that's still too high). I feel we need better data on the matter. You should ask if people own/play other consoles/computer games, what their genre interests are, etc. Anyone that answered with higher scores probably has similar interests to the other people that gave high scores.
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