After 2-ish years~ How would you rate the 3DS?

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User Info: Ippongi_Ryuta

4 years ago#61
It's my NES/SNES/Megadrive/GB/GBC machine right now.
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User Info: daytonafreak

4 years ago#62
I give it 2/10
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User Info: gray_fox_00

4 years ago#63
daytonafreak posted...
I give it 2/10

Care to elaborate why?
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User Info: Buttery_Toast

4 years ago#64
Honestly, I should have waited to get mine. And I've bought too many games I ended up not really enjoying and selling.

But overall I'd rate it 7.5/10ish right now.
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User Info: JorgenBlorgen

4 years ago#65

User Info: OrangeCrush980

4 years ago#66
5/10. The games are still mostly ports and mediocre games like KH:DDD. Even the ports seem kind of half-assed since the 3DS can theoretically handle Wii games and yet we're mostly getting N64/PS2 games.
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User Info: NightsOwl

4 years ago#67
Honestly? 10/10 I want more than 20 games for it. That's a good sign.
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User Info: MasterLink2012

4 years ago#68
I give it a 8.4 I think.
I think it's a very good system, though not as good as the first regular DS back in 2005..

User Info: Argh4430

4 years ago#69
7/10. If the 3DS stopped getting new games for it, i'll be satisfied. I have 35 games, way more than my DS, which I loved. And I know there will be more games i'll want in the future. I would want an account system that keeps track of my bought games in case I lose the system.

User Info: Zendaik

4 years ago#70
7/10? KH DDD was awesome and Kid Icarus was surprisingly good and I wasn't planning on picking it up before I got a 3DS. Still, those are only two games. I'll probably pick up VLR eventually, just as long as I can get 999 cheap first. And maybe Paper Mario: SS.

I think the 3DS has a bright future though, as long as localization picks up:

Bravely Default
Shin Megami Tensei IV
Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers
Monster Hunter 4
Fire Emblem: Awakening
Dragon Quest VII

Hopefully we'll see more stuff announced by next year like TWEWY 2 (we still haven't heard anything besides the art of the new girl and the New 7 Days at Solo Remix's secret ending) and Devil Survivor 3 (should be a given).
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