VC Guessing Game - Releases for 12/13/12

#1WarioFan63Posted 12/6/2012 10:35:40 AM
New this week:
Mighty Bomb Jack for NES on 3DS
BurgerTime for NES on Wii

Coming Soon to 3DS:
December 20: Wario Land II (GBC)
December 27: Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels (NES)

Newcomers, I'm sure most VC followers are aware that NoA doesnt typically reveal VC games in advance and we're usually left in the dark about the release schedule. The idea is that we have a guessing game to see who can predict what'll come out every week. We try to have some fun out of not knowing!

Here are the rules.
-You can vote for a maximum of three different games. The less you vote for, the more points you get.
-You can vote for both the 3DS and Wii VC.
-If you don't think anything is coming for either service, you can vote for "No Games".
-If a game has already confirmed prior to Thursday's PR, you cannot vote for that game anymore. In this event you can vote for "No Other Games".
-No Games/No Other Games must be your only vote for that week. You can't say "No Games!" and then vote for one or two games.
-No Games/No Other Games votes also cover both services. You can't say "No Games on Wii" and then vote for games on 3DS. You either vote for games or no games at all.
-This is for the North America region only. If you vote for a game and it comes out in Europe but not America, it won't count.
-This is only for the 3DS and Wii VC. WiiWare, DSiWare, or other eshop votes will not be accepted. If you vote for a classic game and the next week a 3D remake of it shows up, it won't count.
-This is not a topic for venting your frustrations. Please don't post if you're gonna say "something nobody likes". Thank you.

-If you vote for 3 games, you will be awarded 1 point per correct guess.
-If you vote for 2 games, you will be awarded 2 points per correct guess.
-If you vote for 1 game, you will be awarded 5 points if it's correct.
-If you vote for No Games/No Other Games, you will be awarded 1 point if it's correct.

Leaderboard Key:
Bold indicates the top contestant(s)
Italics indicate anyone who scored the previous week.

The host's guesses will be in this post as part of the Current Results chart. Current Results show what's being guessed that week and how often. They may get reposted near the end of the guessing week to see where everything stands.

Current Results
Shock Troopers 2 (NeoGeo) - 1

2012 Leaderboard
Lhunthangion - 39
_Shaih_ - 28
TheKirbyOfDeath - 20
Bass_X0 - 19
PredatorStalker - 19
WarioFan63 - 19
Linkara - 19
Cloud789 - 16
G1_Nightbeat - 16
OldKai - 11
AaronPHughes - 9
Trevor Belmont - 9
DishSoap - 5
Gamechamp3k - 5
kayin33 - 5
Pinchekria - 5
APHughes - 4
Dalenn - 4
NintendoInsider - 3
RedMetallix - 3
startme_up - 3
FoSheeezzee - 2
Hugstable - 2
HurricaneManning - 2
IknowKungFu - 2
Lizuka8002 - 2
Luigifan141 - 2
papoose187 - 2
sonic_brawler95 - 2
Vyers - 2
Blaze627 - 1
chestershadow - 1
CrystalKing5426 - 1
CubeTV - 1
jumper1234 - 1
justinbug2 - 1
lipnox88 - 1
Mariofan15 - 1
Megaman1981 - 1
mrandyk - 1
PerfectAkuma - 1
ssbmrocks - 1
stncldrwg - 1
tivanenk - 1
TheGam3925 - 1
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#2SMASHKING84Posted 12/6/2012 10:49:01 AM
Shock troopers 2
Ninja gaiden[since it didn't come out this week]

I really hope nintendo stop pulling a bait and switch and telling us x vc game is coming out then y game comes out instead.

It's getting far too hard to guess what were getting when even the pr is inaccurate...
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#3WarioFan63(Topic Creator)Posted 12/7/2012 1:25:25 AM
I'm seeing Ninja Gaiden as 12/13 now

I think this is the one
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#4VyersPosted 12/7/2012 2:12:18 AM
Ninja Gaiden is honestly a risky choice.
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#5G1_NightbeatPosted 12/10/2012 12:05:13 PM
No other games.
#6nehukogPosted 12/10/2012 12:50:46 PM
got someone on the inside that told me it's gonna be:

UN Squadron (SNES)
Jurassic Park (SNES)
Jurassic Park Rampage edition (GEN)
#7WarioFan63(Topic Creator)Posted 12/12/2012 10:41:48 PM
last minute bump i guess
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#8Frost_LASERPosted 12/12/2012 10:45:40 PM(edited)
Big rigs 3DS!
#91212-1Posted 12/12/2012 10:46:24 PM
gonna take a risk: Ninja Gaiden! And Shantae And Power Quest
#10TgirlPosted 12/12/2012 11:03:29 PM(edited)
Note: This post is just simply a response. It's not taking any guesses. ^__^

nehukog posted...
got someone on the inside that told me it's gonna be:

UN Squadron (SNES)


WHAT!? O___O This is the first I heard... Are you serious? (Because it's such a weird coincidence that I mentioned this game in another thread a few days ago...)

.... *stares at SNES cartridge*

Sounds tempting if they bring it to the VC. I may want to re-buy it for the 3DS. (As long as the price stays reasonably okay.)

Well, at least, they're bringing more SNES games to the VC if this keeps going on track? (While they're at it, they should port over Donkey Kong Country. =.=; A portable version would be <3. All RARE games in 3DS would be <3. Then, that would totally make my SNES obsolete. I've tried some roms of a few of my games, but they just aren't same when you're not using a controller or buttons..... )
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