Anyone else besides me starting to give up hope on Nintendo?

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Sukiyw posted...
.... And when they DO localize it takes f**king AGES.

That's because they probably only have like one person at NoA who can translate. The rest just play around in the Tree House all day.

That can be the only excuse for the fact that it takes years to translate these games.

How can it take longer to translate a completed game than it did for Japan to make it from scratch?

example: Prof Layton and the Miracle Mask. It came out in Japan in March 2011 and it took them until October 2012 to translate it? That's 19 months! I'm sure that Japan didn't start production on the game in August 2009!
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This is why I don't buy game consoles until there is a sufficient amount of games I can enjoy on them. I feel like right now is a good time to start for the 3ds as it has a lot of good games already out on it or coming out soon. Also, having never owned a ds before, I can buy a whole lot of awesome DS games to play on my 3DS as well. The two games I'm looking most forward to is Okamiden for the DS and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon for the 3DS,
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Giving up hope is a bit overly dramatic...

But this year I have been very disappointed with the selection of titles available. However, next year looks like a great year.

IF everything predicted gets released, then I think we will have an absolute stellar 3ds year.
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Mariofan15 posted...
From: Meatbagger | #006
Starwars4J posted...
Most of us are very content with what has come out, and the huge wave of new games on the near horizon (Fire Emblem Feb. 4th!).

Please don't speak about false majorities or minorities to strengthen whatever point you're trying to make.

Power comes in numbers, but not made up ones.

He's right. Some of us are content with what came out. So I dont see how what he said is false -_-.

Except he said "most", not "some".

Honestly, the last 3DS game I bought was KH3D. After that, everything was a re-hash, or seemed just average. I looked forward to EX Troopers, but as it turns out, that's not getting localized!

Honestly, 2012 was a great year with 3 great titles. After than,....meh.
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I bet Nintendo didn't release too many games this year cause of the apocalypse. Why put too much effort out if the world is gonna end.
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I'm in the same boat as you TC. Nintendo handhelds have always been my go-to system, but it seems like they're really phoning it in recently.

At least, for the time being, this lack of enthusiasm (spelled on first attempt, a new record lol) toward 3DS titles and support might be due to Nintendo funneling most of its resources into the Wii U. And hopefully, when the Wii U cools down some, they'll divide their attention a little more fairly.

It seems like NoJ is still doing really well, it's just... NoA seems to be kind of lame. I'm a little worried that they'll just abandon the 3DS, but that's crazy, right?
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I'm just going to come out and say I friggin HATE Fire Emblem. I got the Sacred Stones

ah, there's your problem

Sacred Stones is not a real Fire Emblem, it is a horrible abomination that is Fire Emblem in name only, and I can understand how it could sour your view on the once great Fire Emblem series

in fact, SS was the beginning of me losing my faith in Nintendo..... it started when they raped Fire Emblem
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kewldude475 posted...
Except he said "most", not "some".

Honestly, the last 3DS game I bought was KH3D. After that, everything was a re-hash, or seemed just average. I looked forward to EX Troopers, but as it turns out, that's not getting localized!

Honestly, 2012 was a great year with 3 great titles. After than,....meh.

Summer droughts and lack of localized titles announced at the time can hurt....though for EX Trooper's case, that one bombed in Japan including PxZ so those two titles are sadly out of luck.

Though with 2013 at least we are getting some interesting titles and localisations announced/possibly coming like Fire Emblem Awakening, Animal Crossing, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (unless you have the Wii version which has less content and such), possibly Braverly Default, Ace Attorney 5, Ace Attorney vs Prof. Layton, Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, Etrian Odyssey, possibly SMTIV, etc. A great start for the 3DS in 2013 imo, and hopefully Nintendo spaces out upcoming titles more to keep long lasting droughts reduced. Especially during the summer, i do agree with you though that 2012 started off nice with KI:U, RE:R, and then KH3D (despite that one being released a little longer).

kewldude475 posted...
Starwars4J posted...
I'm going to do you a favor, TC, and assume that your post is genuine. In doing so, I will say that if you don't feel the library of the 3DS is sufficient at this time, that you're in the vastly small minority with this opinion

Funny because in the "rate the 3DS" thread, it got an average of ~6 due to lack of games.

Technically that one was more of a mixed reception even with the -6 scores from users, despite others giving it around a 7-8/10. Though it is understandable if users feel the 3DS still needs more games of different genres to help escalate their interests.
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With consoles, yes. WiiU having weaker anything than PS360 is bad. Looks like it's going to be missing out on a lot of 3rd party support as well.

Of course, things may change.
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