Why get Monster Hunter when you have MMORPG on a PC? For example, Guild Wars?

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iusefebreze posted...
Maybe up front it's cheaper but in a 2 years time maybe 1 year you'll be spending way less money on games and probably having them last way longer because of mods.

Yeah, no, that means it is cheaper, period. Also, since we're in the 3DS forums, where you PC gamers seems to be lost in (along with the WiiU forums), you would know that the 3DS normally only costs about $200. I dare you to build a PC for $200! Mine cost ~$800 and I am planning to expand to it here soon because of the games coming down the pipeline.

Also, that whole Indie bundle **** doesn't matter since again, there is no reciprocal equivalent for the 3DS market- all of the games mentioned are not on the 3DS. So, your attempts at PC elitism is humorous to me, a "fellow" PC gamer (who also owns a 3DS), because it doesn't contain much logic in it and makes us other PC gamers look bad.
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You are under the impression that people have a good enough computer to handle games like that. I can run Guild Wars 2, but laggy, and i have to play on the lowest setting. Whereas with a Home console you dont need to update/upgrade it every time a new game comes out. its much simpler, and cheaper to get a console and a game.
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Why is it so hard to believe that some people prefer playing specific games/genre?
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Monster Hunter really isn't online orientated though. It's not the main focus of the game. Also, most MMORPGs suck.
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Because we want to play monster hunter and not WoW-ish trash.