Is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon worth getting into?

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BatenKait0s posted...
I don't particularly care for rogue like RPGs, and the gameplay in PMD didn't bring about any startling revelations. I will say however that PMD: Sky has one of the best stories in an RPG.

Yeah, a lot more people are saying this, and I'm actually surprised and thus intrigued because Pokemon is one of the last series I would ever expect such a great storyline from. Not that the series is bad, mind you.

If the standard series put half as much thought into the storyline like PMD does, Id still be a die hard fan.

Like I said, I really don't care for the rogue genre but the story was just too amazing to put down. I was in complete disbelief about how emotional it got me.
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Yes it is.


I'm playing Explorers of Sky and I have to get my hands on Blue Rescue Team.
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Well, I guess my first PMD game might be the Blue rescue one.
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Explorers of T/D/S are my favorite Pokemon games of all time. The story was absolutely stunning, and it has by far the best music in the series (dat final boss theme).

The gameplay is decent, but every other aspect of PMD destroys the mainline Pokemon games.

Pretty much this. PMD is a better PKMN game than half of the main line games.
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PMD has such a good story that you'll actually like Bidoof. That's an accomplishment. But seriously, each Pokemon is treated as its own character with its own personality. They form emotional bonds and attachments with each other and live in their own community. This goes for all of the games. They're very well-written, and have extremely extensive post-games.
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ITT: Nobody knows what a Roguelike is

You have one life in RLs and then you have to start all over from the start, the maps are randomized, as are events, mobs, drops, etc; Character builds are often rolled differently every time depending on play style...

PMD is a dungeon crawler with randomized maps. Not a RL in the least. Anyway, still great games, definitely get one of the first ones and then Explorers of Sky.

Hmm...I dunno about PMD not being roguelike because while it does not use Permadeath, it does punish the player for dying by removing all items from you. And money. Not to mention that some dungeons will revert you down levels, like in some other dungeons. So it does have some roguelike elements.
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