whose s***ty idea was it to have the wireless light blink all the damn time

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ceedofevil posted...
rahxephon122 posted...
This is the most pathetic complaint whine-topic I've eer read.

Right next to the guy who complained that the power button was squarish while the ABXY buttons are circles.

And right next to the complaint about the clock being in 24 format...

Actually, I would like the option for a 12 hour clock......

Regarding the Wifi light, I found it annoying too. Then I turned it off. The annoyance went away.
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strongo9 posted...
I find the power light more annoying. Blue LEDs are pretty bright, so when the light is fading in and out while I leave my 3DS on and charging during the night, it can hinder my sleep a bit.

This. I either have to turn my 3DS off at night, or cover the light with a shirt. I'm really weird about lights at night though; all the LEDs on the power strips in my room are covered with something, the LED on my laptop's adapter has duct tape over it, and if my computer's on I have to cover the power light when I sleep. I also have a shirt over my router because those bright, flickering lights drive me nuts otherwise.
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Dude just turn the system off when it's charging.
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