What has Nintendo handled the worst in regards to the 3DS?

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emagdnE posted...
producing Uprising

From what I hear, this was only handled poorly here in the US.
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1st party games

Lack of original Zelda, Pokémon main series, Kirby, and Metroid games is disturbing.
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Virtual console has been diiiiire. At least in the states.
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Software in general. Outside of the holiday season, the quality titles are few and far between.

Also, Nintendo's lol worthy online service.
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From: emagdnE | Posted: 12/8/2012 6:23:16 PM | #033
producing Uprising

Can't be any worse than what Nexon did to Vindictus.
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Voted 3rd party games. The few RPGs they have are pretty good, but there's just not that many.
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emagdnE posted...
producing Uprising

The title was named "worst", not "best". Get with the program.
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Other: Region Lock
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SuperMario1998 posted...
VC, no GBA games yet.

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The E-shop is a hideous disaster, far worse than any other online shop offering anywhere, but there are lots of things they've handled poorly.